My name is Jesslyn…

I know it sounds crazy, but I actually answer to either name hence my business name. You can just pick your favorite! ◡̈ I am so honored that you have made it to my little corner of the internet. I truly love this job of mine, and I’m so happy to share it with anyone who makes it here.

I have wanted to run a full time photography business for 10+ years. After a decade in education as a middle school teacher, I finally took the plunge in 2023, and it really is a dream come true. Thank you for being here.

I love to capture light, feelings, moments and all the things in between, but who are you really hiring?

I am homebody by heart, but I really love to meet new people. The beauty of my job is that I get to be a people person every day and capture your love and personality, and then I go back home and get into my pajamas, light a candle, and probably snack on some chips and salsa! I love to read mysteries and thrillers, and I never go a day without drinking a cup of coffee. I am huge animal lover and advocate, and I am a dog mama to three beautiful babies and 12 outside kitty cats! As much as I love to be at home (in the 1800s farmhouse we are currently remodeling), I also love to sink my toes in the sand at the beach and cuddle up with a mountain view in the Smokies. I love Jesus, and I love studying God's word and listening to inspirational podcasts. There's more to learn about me, and I hope to learn about you too!

The Team

I am a one woman show. I am the photographer, the editor, the bookkeeper, the social media manager, the planner, the financial adviser, and more. However, I couldn't do any of it without my team! Opie gives the best editing break cuddles. His sweet nature just soothes all my stresses and gives me all the endorphins I need to keep working. Lilah is my baby girl who has served me with love and devotion for 15 years. She has dried a lot of tears with those pretty white curls, and she knows how to heal my heart when I’m feeling down or stressed. Zoie is a girl’s girl! She is wild and exciting, and she knows how to make life a party!

Opie Dell

cuddle buddy

Delilah Belle

therapy bff

Zoie Nell

Official hype girl


I have struggled for years to find my identity through my editing. I’ve tried many different styles of editing, and I felt discouraged for the longest. I started off with super colorful and high contrast images. After I went on a hiatus after starting my teaching career, I came back with light and airy, and then I slowly transitioned a darker, moody look. I finally realized that my style doesn’t fit into either category but somewhere in the middle. The result often ends with your photos looking natural and true to color with more warmth. I love for your skin to look glowy, and I still try to keep color in your photo without it being overly saturated so that it creates a calm, peaceful, and aesthetic image.


My main goal is to capture you being your most joyful, loving, authentic self. I know all photographers say that sort of thing, but that’s for a good reason. We all love our clients being themselves and not posing for cheesy-looking photos. While I do pose you for many photos, I do my best to bring you out of your shell and make you feel natural, confident, and beautiful in front of the camera by creating movement and documenting true moments. I want to capture the joy, the fun, and the genuine moments—-the real smiles, the real laughter, and the real, raw emotion. With that said, everything is "posed" to an extent, but my goal is to grab those perfectly imperfect shots using prompts and movement.


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